26 Nov 2009

Toats Ma Goats...I Love You, Review.

I would like to review the funniest film I have seen since I was in tears at the age of 11 due to the slapstick antics of Steve Oedekerk in Kung Pow: Enter The Fist (it's not a porno, I promise you). 'I Love You, Man' is a feel-good movie starring Paul Rudd, a pretty normal guy in a very committed relationship who finds that in devoting himself to his future misses, that he doesn't have many friends and actually lacks a best man to his wedding. So henceforth, he goes on a vast search scouring through all kinds of male bonding activity in search of his companion...woah, I have WAYYY over romanticised the plot. He plays poker, goes for beers, that kinda thing until eventually he finds a friend he actually gets along with.

This movie is great and ACTUALLY contains ORIGINAL humour, I have NOT seen that since FOREVER!, the humour is mundane yet effective because it doesn't come from just jokes or slapstick moments, I mean they are included, but it's more to do with the scenarios themselves and the characters involved, per examplé - the protagonist, who happens to be a real estate salesman selling a house for Lou Ferrigno (Hulk), gets a call from the Hulk complaining that his house isn't getting sold, the friend at this point states quite calmly...'Don't make him angry...YOU WOULDN'T LIKE HIM WHEN HE'S ANGRY!'.

Peter Klaven is a loveable character, and he's not mister perfect, in fact, there is a 5 minute segment in which he prances around playing 'Air Bass' screaming 'SLAP THE BASS!' in the utmost appalling 'Reggae' accent ever which is just as much torture for his pseudo-fiancé as well as it is for the viewer who at this point MOST definitely would want to punch him in the face and delete him off their facebook. The main character is socially awkward, and pretty much any guy can relate to him as the movie explores throughout how the privacy you share with a partner, and the privacy you share with your friends is ENTIRELY different and can cause problems if you confuse the two, NEVER tell your other-half that you have a jerk-off station!, from personal experience, bad idea.

By the way, actor that deserves an honourable mention, Andy Samberg. Now, if you're wondering WHO THE HELL IS ANDY SAMBERG...then I have 4 words for you...'I'M ON A BOAT!'. Yes, 'I Love You, Man' features Premature-Ejaculatory Nautical-Themed-Pashmina-Afghan-Wearing Boss from the Lonely Island as the homosexual brother who teaches Peter all he needs to know about men. It can be a little distracting, I mean after every line my mind just whispers '...like a boss' and when he says 'Look at me! I'm pinkies. I'm barely touching it...', I couldn't help but follow through with '...And I Jizzed In My Pants! (8)' and in my mind he had to turn away before that line '...because Cool Guys Don't Look At Explosion (8)'. Samberg, you are legend.

I also need to draw upon the soundtrack, there are certain words that when stringed together activate your brains impulses to send a chill down your spine and make you quiver, and when I heard the line '...I just want to share a smile, with a friend like you...(8)', it just makes me happy as it shows the simplicity of how being with one friend, smiling, having a good time can cheer you up from pretty much any situation, when I heard this lyric I instantly thought, I'm going to like this film. Well done in the choice of music 'I Love You, Man'.

Now, I shan't say anymore about the film. Note: I haven't spoilt anything about the film and all I've said is a taste of the humour and laughs and fun-loving awkwardiness throughout the film, it's highly recommended from Hugwhore perspective (for any prestige that may hold). Go watch it. (It's also the ONLY film I've ever known and ever will know to reference to a squirting grandma on a Sybian with bush like a porcupine, pretty sick image right?)

Hope I've convinced some people into wanting to watch this movie, I love it.

Live long, and Laters on the Menjay.

Hugwhore <3

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