30 Nov 2009

When Life Sucks, Play Videogames. (:

Everyone gets depressed. If you have never been depressed then you are one lucky fucker. After a weekend filled almost entirely of downs; I find only one source of solace. Fiction. There is nothing better at taking your mind of the stresses of reality like going into a fantasy land and live a life from a new perspective. Think about it; oh no, my boyfriend just dumped me, ah well, I'm having WAYYYY too much fun in Narnia to give a crap. My goldfish died? But I'm in a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, I don't have a goldfish - I have droids, and I don't care if they die, they come in abundance and let's be honest, they're pretty useless anyway (much like a goldfish).

Now, my preferred media of fiction has always been the videogame. On average it takes a day for an entire storyline, it's interactive, you actually have to make effort so it actually give a sense of satisfaction whenever you manage to do something superbly cool, and if you repeat it again it wouldn't be exactly the same. Other such media include TV (soaps and such), Movies, Books and even quite a lot of music have a story in it's lyrics that people like to pay attention to. Soap's have to be the suckiest form of media, they aren't interesting in the slightest, there are no superlatives, crappy dialogue, crappy humour, and absolutely NO-ONE has gone Super Mutant Behemoth hunting (Fallout FTW).

There is also the greater simplicity with videogames that needs to be paid attention to. They seem to follow set patterns, which reminds me, HAS ANYONE ELSE NOTICED THAT EVERY RPG BEGINS WITH THE HERO IN BED??? Seriously, protagonists must be the laziest people ever. You have the double jump function, the breaking of crates, the eating of food to regain health, the saving of a princess, all these commonly loved clich├ęs combine to give that feel-good factor and that memory of playing these kinds of things as kids. I have to say, all this shenanigans about videogames turning children violent, if you give lil' Bobby an SMG (a gun) and stand him in front of a wooden crate (Note: don't actually provide kids with weaponry to prove a point), odds are - he WON'T shoot the crate to splinters for the hidden goods inside. Videogames don't turn kids violent, 'chav' culture does that.

So next time you get depressed, give Mario a go, if not for the gaming aspect then for the 'Shrooms at least. Or Fallout/Mortal Kombat/PacMan/Doom/Devil May Cry...so on so forth.

Live long and play hard.

Hugwhore <3

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