14 Feb 2010

If Stormtroopers Can Love, Then So Can You. ♥

I had started writing a blog on how Superheroes have sex and the various epic events that happen, but then it dawned on me that it was Valentine's Day. So that's on hold.


I do utterly adore Valentine's day. Sure, it may be commercial, it may have been created by Hallmark; but what honestly is the problem with that? If someone like Hitler discovered the cure for cancer, it wouldn't stop you using it. Valentine's day promotes good things, love, companionship, togetherness. Despite saying this, I do actually believe I have been single every Valentine's day hahaa

Couple's always do things on this grand day, and singles can take great joy in the company of their other single friends; there's no real reason to dislike the day, 'cos even the 'haters' feel a union with their combined dislike of the holiday. It always reminds me of just a general happiness and a warm feeling. It reminds me that life's too short to hold grudges with people; this is the day I tend to make my reconciliation with anyone that needs be and I remind my friends of how attractive they are and how much I appreciate having them.

I don't want this to drag on; so I'll just say - hold no hate for this day and make sure you spend it with the people you love, and you let them know and feel like they're wanted in your life. :)

So, in saying this I would also like to state, to everyone that realises that this is aimed at them, I love you :) greatly and tremendously ♥ (that includes YOU! Scott MUHAHAHA)


Live long, and Happy Valentine's Day!

Hugwhore <3

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