9 Feb 2010

Like Mother, Like Toaster

After two months have passed since my previous post. I figure; let's write something up.

So, Christmas was pleasant, hope it was enjoyed, I got clothing...and such. January was good, a good month January was, yes.

Hope you had fun with that little catch up there. <3

BEING HUMAN! Is what I am currently watching as well as I am currently...always constantly doing. It's always nice when a narrative displays werewolves and vampies all living in harmony but I have to ask. WHERE ARE THE FRICKIN' ZOMBIES?! I feel semi-cheated that just because these monstrosities lack a certain brain function that they can't be featured as some kind of comic relief maybe?

George is a lovely character. I would suggest that we would need to compare George with Jacob Black; but that's not true, Lautner's way hot. However, it's always good to see such a geeky, unattractive and flawed character in these things, boosts hope for the rest of humanity.

Werewolf Boosts Hope For Human Geeks LOLWUT !

Mitch is endlessly irritating. He attempts to be the good guy ad nauseum yet he doesn't sorta realise that if he's dropped into the dilemma of NEEDING to kill someone but not wanting to end his 'Dry Spell' because...I don't know, he's a sissy vamp or some shit; why doesn't he just stab the guy until his organs turn swiss. Like, OMFG, wise up and stop bitching Vamp.

Not much can be said about Annie, mainly because she's a ghost and they aren't interesting. She's apparently biologically linked to a toaster according to the latest epoisode, so..WTF? Did she mate with a fridge?! Is the TV the God-Parent?! Did Mitch Bitch some more?! I guess they both have the main attribute of not being alive. That's right ethereal nob-munch, go cry to your corpse and get a life. (Zing.)

Good TV show though, and one of very few I can be bothered to keep up with.

Now, I'mma watch QI on BBC iPlayer. <3

Live long and don't die. (You know, 'cos ghosts are dull)

Hugwhore <3

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