16 Feb 2010

They See Me Trollin', They Hatin'

This blog may be filled with hypocrosy in places and if so; I apologise greatly.

There are plenty of things on the internet that can irritate you. PLENTY. However, there is zero point in purposely visiting these pages or embarking on an inane internet argument. You'll never meet any of these people, you'll never impact each other's lives - so don't let them affect your emotions. If you see someone on the net that is wrong or ignorant or whatever excuse you use - just remember the person must have something in their life that made them like that and don't take it upon yourself to change EVERY individual moron.

Now, I am a big Facebooker, I say that...I use it to post this, come up with little aphorisms as statuses and keep up with a few close friends. Every now and then, I'll add someone that seems interesting. This is a list of things that irritate the HELL out of me on Facebook:

1. Having a futile status. Using this great means of passing on anecdotes or major news is often watered down to something THAT NO-ONE WILL EVER CARE ABOUT. You're going for a shower? I don't care. You're watching that Teenage show with the Teenage music? I don't care. You love 'Boyfriend #14' with all your worn out heart? I HONESTLY DO NOT CARE.

2. Having a dogmatic status. On FB, you'll come across plenty of people that like to display a 'shallow depth'. These guys/gals that put on a façade and post statuses about things they personally don't care about; they just want people to know how deep and brooding they can be. So, write your poetic status about emotion/sadness/death...I'm not going to read it.

3. Having an attention seeking status. When someone is upset and they post up just how upset they are, or worse, why they're upset. Don't you have some friends you can actually speak to before you let 'that guy you said hi to once' know? People only ask what's wrong BECAUSE YOU EFFING PUBLICISED IT! If you want someone who actually cares; they'd be able to tell there was something wrong by your manner.

4. Public Displays Of Affection. If it was really just about the two of you, you'd keep it to the two of you. I'm not a fan of normal PDAs, on the internet however, it's so much worse. They can also cause SO MANY problems. If you're going to have a relationship with someone then please just actually have a relationship with them; it's when it becomes diluted to pure Log-In-Love that problems arise.

5. Invitations to play all the pseudo-life apps. Sure, it's unlikely we'll ever be farmers in our lives but there's a reason for that...it's boring. I honestly do have a lot more fun in my land of make believe than doing all these apps with not-so-subtle nuances which are limited by the graphics and algorithms; please - do something productive OR MORE FUN.

One final thing that is the bane of Facebook. When there are personal messages; such as a dedicated status or a wall post to a friend and then someone who this is completely irrelevant to comments on it. It's just irritating. Only comment if you need to or if there's some sly irony in the statement, but DO NOT comment only to reiterate what someone else has just said. It's stupid.

Live long and '... likes this.'

Hugwhore <3

(P.S. If you think something in this write-up is about you; then it probably is. *hint*)

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